A Walk at Dawn

Sunrise over the Mountains


The snow capped mountains

Snow capped mountains

The lake at dawn

The lake at dawn

A beautiful assortment of colors

A beautiful assortment of colors

The view is marred by wild landfill

What the others photos do not show – wild landfill

A stray dog

A stray dog

I woke up at 6 am this morning and rather than re-setting my alarm to wake me in another hour, I rolled out of bed, took a shower and shuffled out the door. I had been warned by a few acquaintances not to go walking or running by myself due to the presence wild dogs, but I am not very good at being inactive (especially after gaining a few Peace Corps pounds). I had also heard about other people who went for morning walks by the lake – reassured by this and propelled by the need to maintain some level of fitness, I decided to venture out for a walk

Upon leaving my house, I heard the unwelcome sound of barking dogs. I grew up with dogs, but the dogs that range through town are strays, slightly wild, and often hungry. They are not exactly the same as the loving and loyal pets that I had as a child. I saw a few other people out and about though, so I decided to continue on my walk. I passed by the dogs who didn’t give me a second glance as they lounged in the morning sunshine. The rest of my walk went by without incident, and I was happy to enjoy a relaxing walk and to catch a few photos of the landscape around Debar.


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