How I Feel Today

In one word. Ugh.

Shy Lion—source tumblr

After coasting along for a bit – feeling as though I am getting momentum at my site, I hit a wall today.  A wall which makes me feel as though I am getting nowhere.  Projects are proceeding in a grindingly slow manner, the relationships that I have worked so hard to build seem flimsy.  I feel tired and worn down.  Here’s to a new day tomorrow.


One thought on “How I Feel Today

  1. Hi Rachael,
    I am sure you will hear words of wisdom from Linda and your Dad on how to deal with these “downturns “in life, or as a lot of people call it, hitting the wall. By the time you reach our age, there have been quite a few. Emotions run high and low and you are questioning the meaning of your life.
    The photo of the lion says it all.
    You still remain one of our highly regarded King family members ! We will be very excited to see you again, and hear about your journey, first hand.
    Love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Mort

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