Лошо Време (aka, Bad Weather)

It started snowing on Friday, which resulted in the transformation of my town into a sugar frosted, confectionified version of itself. I was happy as I love the snow – how it creates a cushion of silence against the ordinary grinding noises of the world, and, how it sparkles in the sunlight.  However, by Sunday, the snow had become sleet.  While walking to my friend’s house, a Christmas present tucked into the bag hanging in my left hand, cars drove by sending slush splashing around me and the wind threw rainy slush flakes at my body and fought to tear the umbrella right out of my hand.  Next thing I knew, my weakling Christmas bag literally bottomed out, spewing candy right and left and sending the very breakable glass cup it contained to it meet its sad end on the concrete. Oh weather, how fickle you are.  The electricity also happened to go out later that evening, leaving us without power for around 15 or 16 hours. However, the weather today was more than enough of an apology to make up for yesterday’s minor catastrophes.

Snow-capped Mountains

Winter Snow at Sunset

Winter Snow at Sunset

Moon and Snow